Executive Committee

Chairman:  Adam Dohrman

Mike Diggs
Dean Rehmeier
Anthony Russo
Don Laut, Jr.
Francis Forst
Jesse Heimer
Scott Phillips
Brent Sandidge

Responsible for:  Budget, Coordination, Facilities, Legal, Nominations, Resolutions, Staff and Tactical Plans

Government & Public Policy Committee

Chairman:  Jonathan Forst

Marcus Belshe
Dustin Coleman
Rich Deppe
Mike Diggs
Doug Garrison
Donnie Hays
Nick Howerton
Don Laut, Jr.
Bob North
Scott Phillips
Dean Rehmeier
Gary Tompkins

Responsible for:  Legislation, PAC, Regulations, Rules and State/Federal Local Issues

Membership, Communications & Industry Relations Committee

Chairman:  Mike Diggs

Joe Abbott
Alex Adams
Brad Anderson
Noble Carpenter
Al Dierking
Bret Everett
Shelby Haeker
Jesse Heimer
Bob Idel
Nathan Phillips
Mason Sandidge
Kevin Schnarre
David Webber

Responsible for:  Communications, Membership, Strategic Investment, Youth Activities, Expo, Industry Image, Leadership Development, Public Relations and Resource Development

Promotion, Education & Research Committee

Chairman:  Jeff Sims

Marcus Belshe
David Bentley
Kenny Brinker
Nicole Desmond
Betty Faris
Laura Gilliam
Andrew Howerton
Bill Kessler
Michelle Laut
Mag Lopez
Scott Phillips
Eric Rehmeier
Tim Safranski, PhD
Bob Wheeler

Responsible for:  Catering, Consumer Information, Demand, Promotion, Special Events, Educational Programs, Quality/Environment, Research, Swine Events and Tours/Seminars

Swine Health Management Committee

Co-Chairman:  Pete Lasley, DVM AND Steve Strubberg, DVM

Carl Brehe
Steve Brier
Cory Bromfield, DVM
Jessica Davenport, DVM
R.C. Ebert, DVM
Paul Faris
David Fisher
Francis Forst
Matt Patterson, DVM
Scott Phillips
Anthony Russo
Brent Sandidge
Austin Springer
Mike Wyant

Responsible for:  Swine Health Issues, Communications, Control, Management, Eradication and Area/Regional/Statewide Issues