The Missouri Pork Association is the only organization in the state devoted solely to pork producers and the pork industry, and is your voice on rules, regulations, legislation and other issues that affect your freedom to operate. The MPA is made of and governed by Missouri pork producers. MPA’s mission is to:

Enhance and optimize opportunities while eliminating or minimizing barriers for the success of Missouri pork producers and other industry stakeholders.



Why Should I Become a Member?

By Federal Law, checkoff dollars can only be used for promotion, research and education. They can never be used for lobbying or legislative issues.

Every day, the pork industry continues to face increased pressure from government and regulatory intervention, as well as animal rights, environmental and food safety issues. Your membership dues allow MPA to represent the industry in state and national legislative matters.

MPA’s non-Checkoff activities are primarily funded through:
— MPA Membership Dues
— Strategic Investment Program
— Special events such as the Missouri Pork Classic Golf Tournament, Fundraising Auctions, etc.

The Strategic Investment Program is a voluntary funding program to support public policy and advocacy programs in Missouri and on a national level. The assessment is 10 cents per $100 of value, with 40% of the collections distributed to MPA and 60% to the National Pork Producers Council.



Contract Producers and Employees Should be Members Too!

Whether you own the animals or not, your membership is extremely important. Your participation helps ensure that your business, integrator or employer can remain profitable. The Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the animal rights movement want to put you out of business. Membership helps us help you.



What are the Membership Dues?
  • General Membership – $50
    Receive weekly e-newsletter, quarterly newsletter, annual magazine, and discounted prices on educational seminars. Will also be a member of the National Pork Producers Council.
  • Active Membership – $100
    In addition to General benefits, Active Members can serve as a State Director or committee member, are allowed to vote on MPA policy decisions and elect State Directors, and receives a weekly e-newsletter. Will also be a member of the National Pork Producers Council.
  • Allied Membership – $500
    This membership level is reserved for representatives of those companies working within the pork industry. This support ensures the MPA can continue protecting pork producers’ freedom to operate, which in turn benefits the entire pork industry. Receives all benefits of an Active Member. Receive quarterly newsletter, annual magazine, discounted prices on educational seminars. Will also be a member of the National Pork Producers Council.


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