The FFA Pork Speaking Contest
Sponsored by Alltech and the Missouri Pork Association


The Missouri Pork Association continues its support of Missouri’s youth and FFA students by holding a speaking contest each year. Students proceed through their area and district before reaching the state final, where the top student in each of Missouri’s six FFA districts competes for the top prize. The state finals are held during the Missouri Pork Expo in Columbia around February every year. Thanks to PigTek, ChoreTime for sponsoring the 2023 event. Below are winners from previous years.


2023 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  The Importance and Impact of International Pork Markets
First Place: Carly Henderson, Wellsville FFA
Second Place: Grant Case, Salem FFA
Third Place: Emily Wilford, Chillicothe FFA

Other District Winners
Tyne Wilson, Pleasant Hill FFA
Emma Robinson, Republic FFA
Donnie Laut, Fredericktown FFA


2022 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  California Bacon Shortage – the Impacts of Proposition 12
First Place: Leah Thompson, Fredericktown FFA
Second Place: Anastassia Crouch, Mount Vernon FFA
Third Place: Kate Rogers, South Harrison FFA

Other District Winners
Annika Riekhof, Higginsville FFA
Clayton Jennings, Community R-6 FFA
Cheyenne Watson, St. James FFA



2021 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  Innovative Strategies for Selling More Pork to Consumers
First Place: Carlee Long, Paris FFA
Second Place: Ashlyn Hill, Miller FFA
Third Place: Hannah Shanks, Vienna FFA

Other District Winners
Jaycie Griffin, Trenton FFA
Kelsey Fischer, Eldon FFA
Mercedes Davidson, Doniphan FFA



2020 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  Competing in a World Market
First Place: Anderson Rogers, South Harrison FFA
Second Place: Madison Holmes, Columbia FFA
Third Place: Kaitlin Kleiboeker, Pierce City FFA

Other District Winners
Kelsey Wallis, Eldon FFA
Chris Brashear, Koshkonong FFA
Ava Laut, Fredericktown FFA


2019 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  Pork Quality – Production to Consumption
First Place: Abigail Miller, Eldon FFA
Second Place: Kendra Betz, Grundy County FFA
Third Place: Payden Nolting, Lamar FFA

Other District Winners
Jaima DeVries, Gainsville FFA
Ally Troesser, Audrain County R-VI FFA
Sadie Vaughn, Doniphan FFA


2018 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  Strategies for Growing the Missouri Pork Industry
First Place: Ali Francis, Paris FFA
Second Place: Jenna Perry, Liberal FFA
Third Place: Shelby Davies, Braymer FFA

Other District Winners
Alysa Neighbors, Eldon FFA
Dakota Pemberton, Richland FFA
Ivy Jackson, East Prairie FFA


2017 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  U.S. Pork for a Hungry World – Producing More with Less
First Place: Marlena Long, Paris FFA
Second Place: Mathew Morgan, Lamar FFA
Third Place: Madison Bader, Hermann FFA

Other District Winners
Trinity Crouch, Eldon FFA
Nate Jermain, Jefferson FFA
Samuel Koenig, Saxony Lutheran FFA


2016 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme:  Technologies for Sustainable Pork Production
First Place: Audrey Martin, Meadville FFA
Second Place: Jaime Albertson, Chillicothe FFA
Third Place: Katelynn Priest, Cuba FFA

Other District Winners
Bailey Welch, Sweet Springs FFA
Julia Gibson, Southland FFA
Hailea Schubert, Mt. Vernon FFA



2015 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Feeding a Hungry World – How Pork Producers Have and Will Continue to Meet the Challenge
First Place: Ben Luebbering, Fatima FFA
Second Place: Zachary Duncan, Macon County R-IV FFA
Third Place: Bailey Henry, Chillicothe FFA

Other District Winners
Sara Gammon, Drexel FFA
Hunter Crumley, Doniphan FFA
Lanie Ogle, Sarcoxie FFA



2014 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: The Right to Farm: Why it is Important to Missouri Agriculture
First Place: Elizabeth Wyss, Russellville FFA
Second Place: Lauren Gifford, Licking FFA
Third Place: Jill Nobis, Paris FFA

Other District Winners
Rachel Nowland, Chillicothe FFA
Wyatt Eaton, Doniphan FFA
Anna Brightwell, Carthage FFA



2013 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Opportunities in the Pork Industry
First Place: Cole Edwards, Salisbury FFA
Second Place: Trent Ludwig, Nichols Career Center FFA
Third Place: Madison Kellums, Southland FFA

Other District Winners
Sheridan Jamvold, Trenton FFA
Justin Vehige, Fatima FFA
Jennifer Murphy, McDonald County FFA



2012 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Freedom to Operate
First Place: Trey Roberts, Koshkonong FFA
Second Place: Gina Olsen, Centralia FFA
Third Place: Alyssa Rockers, Carthage FFA

Other District Winners
Kayla Harrelson, Clinton FFA
Kate Lowrey, Trenton FFA
Jack Davis, Farmington FFA



2011 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Public Policy and Regulatory Impacts on Today’s Pork Producers
First Place: Miriam Martin, Meadville FFA
Second Place: Jessica Phillips, Drexel FFA
Third Place: Bradley Morgan, Lamar FFA

Other District Winners
Nicole Tolliver, Sullivan FFA
Loren Fox, Galt FFA
Katie Bradshaw, Jackson FFA



2010 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Strategies for Pork Producers in Challenging Times
First Place: Austin Steele, Miller FFA
Second Place: Jaelyn Bergmann, Paris FFA
Third Place: Aren Dameron, Crest Ridge FFA

Other District Winners
Logan McGhee, Couch FFA
Mareta Sherman, Belle FFA
Lauren Dietzschold, Chillicothe FFA



2009 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Thriving…Not Just Surviving
First Place: Chelsea Scheulen, Linn FFA
Second Place: Samantha Whittaker, Miller FFA
Third Place: Andrew Fisher, Bowling Green FFA

Other District Winners
Breanne Brammer, Gallatin FFA
Elle Miller, California FFA
Amber Johnson, Couch FFA



2008 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Making Things Happen – Building a Better Future
First Place: Lindsey Lehman, Bolivar FFA
Second Place: Hannah Sandidge, Marshall FFA
Third Place: Courtney Redus, Couch FFA

Other District Winners
Elaine Martin, Centralia FFA
Cale Karr, Richland FFA
Tyler Dietzschold, Chillicothe FFA



2007 FFA Pork Speaking Contest

Theme: Growing Missouri’s Economy Through Pork Production: Past, Present & Future
First Place: Stephanie Morgan, Lamar FFA
Second Place: Kable Oaks, Grundy County FFA
Third Place: Zach Robertson, Belle FFA

Other District Winners
Kayla Leach, Mexico FFA
Devin Heid, Archie FFA
Kelly Jahn, Jackson FFA



For more information, contact:

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